BoxHaven furniture is constructed of both solid hardwoods and veneers. We use only non-endangered domestic and European hardwoods such as cherry, black walnut, maple, European beech and Swiss pear wood. Veneers include natural wood veneers and dyed sycamore, poplar and tulip tree wood.

Cherry: A richly colored American hardwood ranging from pink to reddish brown. It deepens in color with exposure to ultraviolet light, taking on a much darker hue over time. It finishes very well with both oil and lacquer.

Walnut: A tan to brown American hardwood with occasional streaks of color ranging from reddish purple to black. It is a relatively even-grained wood, though it can have some figure in the form of curly grain.

Maple: With a neutral blond color, this wood exhibit a variety of grain characteristics from straight to bird’s eye to curly. It is very durable and partners well with many other accent colors.

European beech: This is a brownish-tan hardwood. When used in veneer form, it is often cut in a quartersawn pattern that yields a straight, tight grain with pale flecks that catch the light when viewed from an angle.


Lacquer finish: A tough surface finish that resists abrasions and water spills. Lacquer finish holds up exceptionally well in active households and requires little maintenance over the years to maintain the beauty of the furniture.

Oil finish (Optional): A hand-rubbed, oil finish that requires periodic maintenance. OS/Color Hardwax Oil is a German manufactured oil/wax mixture that is safe for use on children's toys and furniture when dry. It contains naturally occurring oils (sunflower, soybean, and thistle oil) and waxes (carnauba and candelilla wax) that repel water and resist dirt. As with all oil finishes, it penetrates the wood to produce a deeper, more natural finish than surface finishes such as lacquer and varnish.

Though scratches in this finish are easily repaired, it also shares the trait with other oil finishes of requiring some maintenance to insure the longevity of the finish and provide adequate protection to the wood. The finish should be rejuvenated over the years with either a re-application of Hardwax Oil or with a compatible wax cleaner (information on compatible products is included with purchase).


Hinges: We use nickel-plated solid brass butt hinges for all our boxes. They are the best quality hinges we could find and can be seen on the Whitechapel Ltd. Web site.

Soft-down mechanisms: The retractable hardware we use is an adjustable dampening mechanism that has a small profile but keeps the lid from falling on fingers. It is manufactured by the Sugatsune Company.