Contributing artists:

Material and equipment links:

  • Environmental Home Center – this web site gives information about OS Hardwax Oil, the oil finish we use as an alternative to our lacquer finish.
  • Sugatsune – this web site shows the dampening device used to slowly retract box tops.
  • TABU – this web site gives information about the Italian dyed veneers
  • Whitechapel Ltd. – this web site gives information on the butt hinges we use in all of our boxes.
  • Certainly Wood - this company supplies architectural quality veneers.
  • VacuPress - this company supplies all the equipment necessary to produce your own veneered panels.
  • B & B Rare Woods – a very informative compendium of both domestic and exotic veneers with pictures of each veneer organized by color.

Woodworking and marquetry links:

  • Marquetry: A Beginner’s Guide – a short guide to the traditional technique known as marquetry.
  • Cambium Bookstore – an excellent resource for all sorts of woodworking books.
  • Redbridge Marquetry Group – a web site dedicated to instruction in marquetry, as well as contemporary examples of this woodworking technique
  • Silas Kopf – web site of one of the foremost practitioners of marquetry in the United States.