Using marquetry you can create distinctive graphic images and designs in furniture, cabinetry and architectural details. Composed of wood veneers, these inlay images take on characteristics that are markedly different from paint and ink. Properties of wood, such as grain, color and texture, can be used to produce a variety of effects when used in both complementary and contrasting manners. Boxhaven offers custom marquetry for your building projects, working in collaboration with you from initial design ideas all the way to a finished piece.

Uses for marquetry

Advances in veneer work have opened up this technique to a variety of applications. Marquetry can be used in everything from clocks and folding screens to moldings and doors to enhance an overall design concept. Most household furnishings and commercial fixtures can be designed to make use of this art form.

Interior designers can apply marquetry in ways similar to textiles, through patterns and visual texture on wood surfaces. Architects can use marquetry as another tool for defining architectural details. Incorporating bent marquetry panels in items such as light valences and light shades blends individual elements seamlessly into a larger design theme. Flat marquetry can be applied to built-in casework, fireplace mantles, moldings, and passage doors, along with many other architectural elements.

All types of signage are possible with the use of computer-generated fonts, in addition to original fonts created for specific projects. These veneered signs can then be easily integrated into a broader design scheme.

There are many ways to explore patterning, graphic design, and architectural detail through the use of marquetry and we happily provide assistance to help you learn how to use this medium. In addition to the production of marquetry panels, we also offer the full services of a custom woodworking shop.

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