Construction Details

Craftsman Michael McCallister creates every piece of furniture with traditional woodworking techniques using both solid hardwoods and premium veneers. For the unique artwork on BoxHaven furniture, McCallister employs a method of joining wood veneers called marquetry, assembling pieces of cut veneer to create a picture or design. Historically, woodworkers have cut designs for for this type of wood inlay by hand with either knives or scroll saws. In modern marquetry, the images can be cut with the use of a laser and then pieced together by hand. This technique allows the craftsperson to precisely recreate an artist’s drawing in fine wood veneers.

All chests and cubes are fitted with hardware that slowly closes the lid to protect children and pets. Desks are fitted with similar hardware that allows the work surface to lower slowly into place.

On chests, the imagery is represented on three sides, with the back (hinge side) finished as a flat veneer panel with solid wood edges.

On cubes, the imagery decorates all four panels. The Owl and Totem cubes have different imagery on each side.